Ask the Wedding Expert
Justin Bond, president of Star Talent Events, LLC, an entertainment and event company, chatted with Wedding Vow magazine about what to expect from a DJ.

Why is it important to have the right DJ at your wedding?
The DJ is among the most critical elements of your wedding reception. The entertainment is often the determining factor in whether your reception is remembered as a booming success or a maddening disappointment. Despite the importance of the entertainment, it’s on average only 4 percent of the cost of the entire reception.
What does a DJ do that a bride and groom couldn’t with an iPod?
A quality entertainment company will provide more than just music – they’ll serve as your reception director. We sit down with you weeks before the wedding and meticulously plan the evening’s itinerary. We coordinate with all involved vendors to make sure everything is happening how and when you want it to.
The DJ uses professional grade equipment and is skilled at keeping the party going and your guests engaged in it. An iPod simply can’t offer that.
How do requested songs work at a wedding?
Your entertainment company should firm up music details, typically during your final consultation before the big day. You’ll be asked questions about genres and specific song titles.
Many times, couples tell us “You guys are the pros, so we’ll defer to you on the music.” It’s a fair assumption on their part, but since we want to give the couples exactly what they want, the entertainment shouldn’t be guess work.
A reception has four hours of actual party time, excluding things like traditional dances and the bouquet toss. If the average song is three and a half minutes long, that would be roughly 70 songs throughout the evening.
When you think about the countless songs that are available, 70 songs isn’t that many. So it’s imperative that we fit all the songs important to you into that four-hour window.
We have couples sit through a music sampling and listen to about 10 seconds of many titles to gauge their responses. This is particularly helpful when taking requests.
If somebody requests a song that, based on information you have provided, you’d hate, we wouldn’t want to play it without your approval. We will be as accommodating to your guests as you’d want us to be.

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