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Modern and Sophisticated
Obtaining a modern and sophisticated look doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank, and Frost and Philpott suggest simple ways to stretch your budget. Frost recommends containing flowers in a vase. Orchids, calla lilies and gerber daises are excellent choices for this, she said.
“Use a small amount of flowers to their best advantage,” Philpott said of budget conscious arrangements.
Add visual interest, and what Philpott calls “perceived value” by purchasing accessories to compliment smaller arrangements, like lanterns, which can be used as decorative accents in a home long after the vows have been recited.
Philpott also designs arrangements to be used throughout a wedding’s weekend long festivities for cost-saving efficiency.
All centerpieces need not be the same, and both Frost and Philpott encourage using a variety of arrangements to add visual interest.
“It’s nice to have two heights,” Frost said. To achieve this, Frost suggests using compact, low to the table arrangements and towering, slim vases.
“Not having the same thing on every table is good because you can stretch your budget, it’s more interesting and causes mingling because people want to see what’s on every table,” Philpott said.
Flora is not the only component being incorporated into modern, sophisticated centerpieces. Frost and Philpott have both seen an upswing in using other natural elements like sticks, stones, leaf wraps and feathers, including peacock and pheasant, to complement fall arrangements. Hanging crystals and candle arrangements are a nice way to to create a romantic atmosphere.
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A variety of colors and styles to add to your wedding.

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